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Palau Digital Residency ID - To Obtain Nevada Notarization from UPS? (Field Report #8)

We attempted to obtain a notarization from a Nevada UPS store

This article is part of our series exploring what exactly the Palau digital residency ID can be used for.

I made my eighth attempt to use the Palau digital residency ID (“the ID”) on the week of October 2nd, 2023.

I tried to use the Palau ID to notarize a document at a UPS store in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Result: unsuccessful.

Explanation: I walked into the UPS store and requested to notarize a document (a birth certificate request form). Upon presenting the Palau ID to verify my identity, the notary who was assisting me asked his supervisor if he could accept the ID. The supervisor said “no” - that it had to be a “United States ID.” I asked one more time: “You can’t accept this [Palau ID]?” She said “No, sorry.” I thanked them for their time and left.

I’ll continue trying to use the ID, and report the results here on Malakouti Law.

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