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U.S. Naturalization Video Library

Updated: Apr 2

By Parviz Malakouti-Fitzgerald, Esq.

There are endless topics, issues (and solutions) related to naturalizing as a U.S. citizen. Being properly informed and dealing with professionals is key.

Here is our master video library discussing U.S. naturalization topics.

Naturalization Application Process (2 Minute Breakdown)

N400 Citizenship Interview - what exactly happens?

How to Apply for U.S. Naturalization Safely with a Criminal Conviction

How long can U.S. green card holders stay outside of the the USA?

Can You File N-400 While I-751 is Still Pending?

What CAN a Lawyer Do in a Naturalization (Citizenship) Interview?

Obtain Professional Assistance

If you want to start the naturalization process, it can pay to have a consultation with a professional that has years of experience. You can book a consultation now to have your case screened for potential problems, including the most important ones - those you may not be aware of.

During the consultation, you can have your questions answered about the process, and find out how much it would cost to have the case handled for you by our firm, putting your mind at ease.

When you’re ready, book a consultation with Malakouti Law and get on the path to U.S. citizenship, in safe hands.

U.S. Citizenship DENIAL: Why Does It Happen?

Can you apply for naturalization 90 days before the end of the "4 year and 1 day" period?

International Travel during "4 year and 1 day' Pre-Naturalization Period?

Click here to book a consultation with Malakouti Law to get started on your U.S. citizenship case.

The Law Office of Parviz Malakouti does not guarantee the accuracy of information presented nor assume responsibility for actions taken in reliance of this information. The information in this page could become outdated. Each immigration case is particular and you should consult with a qualified, licensed immigration lawyer about your case before taking any steps.

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