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Everything You Need to Know About Your Immigration Situation In Just One Hour 

Immigration law can be ridiculously complex! 

There is the immigration and nationality act (“INA”) – the “law” on immigration as written by Congress.  


Then you have immigration agency regulations.  


USCIS has its Policy Memos and its Policy Manual which is replacing the “Adjudicator’s Field Manual” (“AFM”) little by little.

Don’t forget the Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”) with its several hundred pages of immigration regulation.  


If you’re from certain countries, you’ll need to know about the Covid-19 travel ban.  


If you’re a Dreamer, you better understand 3 year bar and 10 year bar and hardship waiver.  


If you’re bringing over a foreign spouse, make sure you understand how to prove a bona fide marriage.  

The list goes on and on.   

Then of course you hear all different things from different people.  Everyone’s an immigration expert.  


Your father’s friend.  Your cousin.  Some guy on the radio.  People on the facebook group, etc. etc.  


It can make your head spin.  


This maze of law and bureaucratic regulation leaves you feeling like you have to be a lawyer just to read it.  


…let alone to understand what it means for YOUR situation as an immigrant.


And the worst of it is that some people remain in this haze of confusion for months or even YEARS, all the while not truly knowing what is reality and what is rumor about where their immigration situation stands and whether a path to a green card is actually available to them.  


The reality is that figuring out your immigration situation is not an area in which you want to be flying blind.  


You need a professional who deals with cases like yours every day.

A qualified immigration attorney who knows the law, quickly identify the important issues and problems in issues and problems in your case.


Then break those issues down and explain it to you in regular language that you can understand.  


If you are confused about your situation, there really are only two options.  


You can continue being confused and trying to become a part-time lawyer in figuring this stuff out. 


You can make a decision to do what it takes to put all the confusion and rumors to rest and find out for real what your immigration situation is.


The reality is there may not be a path to a green card available to you right now.  But you need to know the truth about that if that’s the case.  


Or there may be a path available to you right away and it is time to get started.


Or perhaps there’s no path available to you right now but there will be one if your daughter files that N400 application and becomes a U.S. citizen.  Or if you get that degree and qualify for an EB-3 visa.  Or if you make that police report and qualify for a U-visa or VAWA.


Again, the list of possibilities goes on and on!


BUT you have to speak to a professional who understands these issues deeply.  


You need to speak to a licensed immigration attorney, trained in the practice of the law.    


Is there a cost to speak to a licensed immigration attorney?  Sure there is.  No other way of saying it.  

Good lawyers cost money, but it may not be as much as you think. 


And the cost may not be as predictable as you think. 


$500/hour and $600/hour are going rates for thousands of U.S. licensed attorneys these days.  

$300/hour for a qualified lawyer that is excellent in his or her field is on the low end these days. 

Paying for an attorney by the hour can be a scary proposition.  You may be wondering:


How many hours will they charge?  

Will they run up a bill before I can stop them?  


I have to sign up without any idea of how much this whole process will cost me?


All are of those are very valid concerns.  


What if you could pay one flat fee for a consultation in order to:


  • learn the truth about your immigration situation,

  • learn about any paths available to you and ;

  • also be told how much the process will cost and; 

  • how long the process will take?


All this from a verifiably licensed immigration lawyer with great reviews that deals with cases like yours – travel bans, illegal entries, arrests, and other complicating issues that normal people go through.  


An immigration law professor who is used to explaining immigration concepts to regular people.  


A friendly lawyer who doesn’t judge you or your family members.  


An immigration lawyer who is the son of an immigrant from Iran, and knows what it is to feel unwelcome at times by anti-immigrant elements in this great country.  

An immigration lawyer who is skilled at hearing and analyzing immigration situations just like yours in a relaxed conversation, and explaining it all back to you in a way you can understand.

Most importantly, a lawyer who can give you real answers about your situation and clear up confusion that may have been lingering for years.  


In the worst case scenario, you’ll know what the difficulties are with your immigration situation.


In the best case scenario, you’ll get on the path to citizenship and find yourself dressed up in a few years, waiving a mini-American flag as you take your naturalization oath and your family watches you proudly as you fulfill the American Dream and become a U.S. citizen. 


The consultation takes about 45 minutes to an hour.


The value of shining a light on those issues and learning everything you need to know about your immigration situation is priceless. 


It’s certainly worth $500.  $350 is a steal.  


This is with a real attorney and not a paralegal, nor a fake notario nor an assistant to the attorney.  


This is a private immigration consultation with immigration attorney Parviz Malakouti to intake, analyze and discuss yoursituation.  


If you’re ready to find out everything you need to know about your immigration situation in an hour, follow these instructions: 


  1. sign up at the link below.

  2. Breathe your sign of relief. 


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