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12 Benefits of Grenadian Citizenship by Investment 

By Parviz Malakouti-Fitzgerald, Esq.

Freedom of movement through multiple citizenship is the answer.

Here are the freedoms offered by Grenadian citizenship by investment. 

  1. Unlimited ability to visit the gorgeous island country of Grenada for vacation

  2. Unlimited ability to settle, live and work in the tax-friendly island country of Grenada

  3. A renewable five year Grenadian passport for international travel 

  4. A second neutral social identity as a naturalized Grenadian citizen

  5. Visa-free travel access to 145 countries 

  6. Right to Grenadian consular assistance as a citizen of Grenada 

  7. Immediate, highest legal right of entry into Grenada (Emergency Plan B) 

  8. Advantaged right of residency in fellow CARICOM Caribbean countries

  9. Ability to seek consular assistance from British foreign consulates

  10. Quick approximately 5-6 month processing time to naturalization 

  11. E-2 visa eligibility to the United States (after 3 years of domicile in Grenada)

  12. The freedom of multiple citizenship facilitating renunciation of your first citizenship

To find out if Grenadian citizenship is right for you, click here to book a consultation with Malakouti Law. 

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