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​​3 Tips to Save Time When Calling USCIS

Updated: Jan 15

The phone Batman would use if he were calling USCIS

Calling USCIS at their national customer service line (800-375-5283) for any reason can be an exercise in futility and frustration. To that end, we have 3 tips to save time when calling USCIS.

Article Outline:

Note: At Malakouti Law, we faithfully follow these 3 tips with each call to USCIS.

Tip 1: Be Sure to Gather A Few Pieces of

Important Info First

On calling USCIS, the agent will immediately prompt you for a few details.

These include:

  • the dates of birth of both yourself and the petitioner, if any,

  • the address you used when sending the application, and

  • your application receipt number

Be sure to write down all the info before making a call, as if you get to rummage around for it during the call, the agent might get annoyed and even drop the call.

Tip 2: Always Get the Agent Name and Agent ID Number

Calling USCIS is usually not an experience you want to repeat.

Typically, you might have to wait for the USCIS agents for 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes even an hour, because the agents are too busy getting calls. Coming to the point, the first thing the agent says after picking up the ring is their name and the ID number.

They bark the name and agent ID number quickly to the point that it’s almost impossible to retain and write down the first time. Before discussing anything about the case, we recommend you ask the agent to repeat their name and agent ID number slowly while you write (or type!) it down.

So why do you need the agent ID number? Simple -to have a chance for accountability if you get an unprofessional or incompetent USCIS agent. USCIS agents, along with nearly all customer support positions implicitly understand that having their name and identifying number tied to an interaction introduces a possibility of accountability if they act unprofessionally or incompetently.

With USCIS (and in life in general), aways get the name.

Tip 3: Get the Service ID Number

USCIS usually generates Service ID Numbers for service requests.

For instance, if you make a request to postpone an interview, withdraw an application, reschedule biometrics, or request for expedite, USCIS may create a unique service ID Number for your interaction with USCIS that day.. That number is used to track the service request internally. The agent usually asks the requesting person to note it down and if they didn't, ask for it. This, again, can prove helpful for accountability, and to reference the previous interactions if you have to call back to USCIS again in the future about the same issue.

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