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Palau Digital Residency ID - To Verify Identity at Chase Bank branch? (Field Report #14)

Stock photo of a random Chase bank branch

This article is part of our series exploring what exactly the Palau digital residency ID can be used for.

I made my fourteenth attempt to use the Palau digital residency ID (“the ID”) on the week of January 29th, 2024 

I tried to use the Palau ID to verify my identity in person at a Chase bank branch in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. 

Result: unsuccessful. 

Explanation: I went in person to a Chase bank branch in the Las Vegas area in order to get a document related to a business bank account. I was asked for my ID. I presented the Palau ID and was told that would not suffice to verify my identity, and was asked for an American state-issued driver license. 

I presented the teller with my American state-issued driver license. I then asked the teller if any state-issued ID from a foreign government would have been acceptable. She replied “If it’s a foreign ID, only a passport would be acceptable.” 

I’ll continue trying to use the ID, and report the results here on Malakouti Law.

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