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Palau Digital Residency ID - Use for Remote Notary? (Field Report #1)

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Attempted remote notarization of an Ohio document via notarycam was an "L", as the kids say

This article is part of our series exploring what exactly the Palau digital residency ID can be used for.

I made my first attempt to use the Palau digital residency ID in the last week of August, 2023.

I tried to use the ID to get a remote notarization done via Specifically, I was seeking notarization of an Ohio state document.

Result: unsuccessful.

Explanation: The website requires one to identify themselves before being connected remotely to a notary. For non U.S. identification documents, the only Palau ID notarycam accepted was the passport.

I’ll continue trying to use the ID, for both in-person notarial services, and other uses, and report the results here on Malakouti Law.

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