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Why We Need An International Dual Citizenship Day

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

By Parviz Malakouti-Fitzgerald, Esq.

Doctors, caramel apples, financial fraud and even donkeys are all beating the brakes off of us as dual citizens and immigration professionals.

You see, all of them each have an “annual day” to be celebrated either internationally, or nationally (in the United States and other countries).

Dual citizens, by contrast, do not.

If this injustice is enough to make you toss and turn at night in a cold sweat as an immigration professional (as it is for me), keep reading…

Each year, millions of immigrants naturalize in countries around the world. Most of these people retain their original citizenship in the process and thus become a dual citizen (or even triple citizens). This new status offers a freedom of movement and settlement that is priceless to an individual in the 21st century. It’s a thing that should be commemorated.

Wealthy and poor people alike naturalize. People of all colors and creeds naturalize. Some people pick up a second citizenship by investment, while others naturalize by good old fashioned pick-up-your-family and move to a new country style residency and naturalization.

Dual citizenship unites families and benefits humanity. So, with angry fist waiving in the air, I declare:

If Eeyore the donkey can have an annual day (May 8th) to be celebrated, dual citizens should have one too!

(A donkey daring you to celebrate dual citizenship day)

Therefore, I make an open proposal to my colleagues in the migration industry: Let’s work to establish an international “dual citizenship day” for the global migration industry, diasporas around the world. Let’s welcome everyone who is a dual national or feels strong affinity and belonging in more than one country.

Let’s recognize it, establish it, and do something festive to honor it each year.

Let’s celebrate dual citizens and the hardworking migration industry professionals that help people gain the additional freedom of geographic mobility. This is a unique freedom that allows tens of millions worldwide to unite with family, pursue their dreams, and escape tyranny.

Who is Dual Citizenship Day For?

Dual citizenship day is for anybody who feels pride related to having or helping others attain multiple citizenship. This includes:

  • Diaspora & national affinity groups

  • Dual citizens

  • Immigration law firms

  • Migration consultancies

  • Migration scholars

Donkeys and caramel apples are beating us out when it comes to celebration and honor.

Let’s put an end to that in 2023.

Dual Citizenship Day is Open Source

What should one do to celebrate dual citizenship day as a dual citizen, migration scholar or practitioner?

Whatever you want!

As such, I hope that migration professionals use dual citizenship day in an open source capacity and build on it in the most beneficial and effective way possible for themselves and the entire migration field in general.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of ways that dual citizenship day can be celebrated:

  • Host a seminar in your University department

  • Throw a party in your office

  • Host a conference

  • Use dual citizenship day for marketing

  • Post what dual citizenship means to you or your firm on social media

  • Wish people happy dual citizenship day on your social media

  • Publish an article on what dual citizenship means to you or your firm

  • Contact mass media

  • Contact a local politician regarding a legislative immigration issue

  • Use dual citizenship day to launch a new citizenship related product or service

  • Highlight the story of a client whose life was changed by becoming a dual citizen

The list goes on…

If the activity you have in mind involves recognizing multiple nationality, then use it as a way to celebrate.

June 2nd as Annual Dual Citizenship Day

June is a magical month for many people around the world. For children in the west, as well as college and graduate school students, June signals the beginning of summer freedom and vacation.

Dual citizenship day should be honored on the second of the month because we’re celebrating the acquisition of second citizenship.

June 2nd = Fun month + 2nd day. It’s that simple.

Celebrate Dual Citizenship this June 2nd, 2023

If you’re on board with dual citizenship day, help establish it by taking action.

Plan something for dual citizenship day to benefit your firm, company, consultancy, university, college, think-tank, non-profit or any organization, as well as dual citizens around the world.

It’s cool and fun, which is reason enough. It’s high time we at least attain the level of caramel apples in annual recognition.

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