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Easy, Free Email Template to Get Your Immigration File From Your Former Lawyer

By Parviz Malakouti-Fitzgerald, Esq.

Here is an easy, free email template anyone can use to get their full case file from a former lawyer of theirs.

If you’re an immigrant in the United States, there comes a time where you may want to get your case file from a law office that’s helped you from your case. Usually, there’s no formal process to make the request. You just send an email, make a call or write a letter to the law firm that helped you.

Below, I’ve written an easy email template that you can copy, paste and modify to make your request.

All the words that are capitalized and highlighted in the template are to be replaced with your own information, preference, name, etc. Remove the yellow highlighting once you replaced the capitalized words with the appropriate information.

Note on cost: Oftentimes, the law firm will provide the file for free. Sometimes, they will request a nominal cost (around $20-$30) for the printing. State bar rules vary from state to state regarding whether and/or how much a lawyer can charge a former client to provide the case file.

Good luck!



My name is [NAME]. Your office graciously represented me in my immigration case in [YEAR].

I am emailing to request a courtesy copy of my complete case file to have for my records. If possible, I’d prefer to receive the file via [EMAIL/MAIL/DROPBOX/ETC.].

Please kindly include a copy of:

a) the entire application package that was submitted on my behalf,

b) all communications from and to USCIS, and

c) all supporting documents in the file, whether they were used in the application process or not.

If your office needs any additional information from me to identify the file or verify my identity, please let me know.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Thank you.




Each immigration and citizenship case is particular and you should consult with a qualified immigration and citizenship lawyer about your case before taking any steps. The Law Office of Parviz Malakouti does not guarantee the accuracy of information presented nor assume responsibility for actions taken in reliance of this information. The information in this page could become outdated. Attorney marketing.

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