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Top 9 Things Americans Say When Applying for Second Citizenship With Malakouti Law 

By Parviz Malakouti-Fitzgerald, Esq.

For most people, their only passport issuing entities will be their country(s) of citizenship

As a dual citizenship law firm, we speak to a lot of people who have decided to increase their freedom of movement.

A big part of our client screening process is spent in learning what their motivations are for dual citizenship or triple citizenship. Based on those preferences and values, we present the best options to them. 

Here’s what our American clients tell us most often: 

  1. “I want a plan B.” 

  2. “Most of my work is remote and I want to live part of the year outside the U.S.” 

  3. “Dual citizenship is cool - I want MOAR PASSPORTS!” 

  4. “We don’t want to feel trapped again like we felt during the pandemic.” 

  5. “If [Trump/Biden/other candidate] is elected, we don’t want to stay in the United States”

  6. “I want European citizenship by descent so I connect with my heritage and also have the right to live in Europe.” 

  7. “I want dual citizenship because I may renounce U.S. citizenship in the future.” 

  8. “I want to diversify because I don’t want any one country to have full control over me.”

  9. “I’m moving towards a more global lifestyle, living in different places.”

Why Do Americans Actually Get Second Citizenship

Everyone has their reason to want freedom of movement, and pretty much all of them are legitimate. As I wrote in my Las Vegas Sun column in 2022, for most Americans, it’s actually a combination of the reasons mentioned above.

Fortunately, Americans are in a good position in this regard.

There are lots of second citizenship and residency options for Americans who have decided to act. But starting to act on the instinct to protect yourself by getting second citizenship is typically just the beginning of the journey. It’s absolutely critical to become educated on the basics of American dual citizenship, red flags of second citizenship, as well as little understood benefits of multiple citizenship. 

For many of my clients, the very idea that second citizenship brings a second set of benefits as well as a second set of obligations takes getting used to. They need to know what those second citizenship obligations are and how to determine when they might be a dealbreaker

What are the attack vectors on your passport and ability to travel internationally? 

There are lots of new important concepts to learn in order to make an informed decision on second citizenship. Most are unaware that these issues even exist; they are the proverbial “unknown unknown” and the prevalence of fake experts in the global mobility space doesn’t help matters. 

It takes a real expert to guide you on these points. This is exactly what I do for my clients

Consult with Malakouti Law 

Whatever your reason for wanting to pursue a second citizenship, Malakouti Law can help you. 

We assist you to properly evaluate the options, understand those options, and take you through the process of applying for citizenship, from start to finish. 

Click here to request a consultation. 

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